A Milestone to Celebrate
February 21, 2016

One year ago. February 21, 2015 we made a blog post about our community reaching 10,000 members. This was a big milestone of ours, and a good day for all of us team members. It took just under 2 years from releasing YTMonster 1.0 to get to the milestone. In the last blog post we also said that we were reaching for an userbase consisting of 100,00 members, and that we would be certain we would reach it sooner or later.

Now, just one year after we've acquired 90,000 members for our community - we're proud to say that we're now 100,000 members big. Thank you to everyone and each of you for the massive support the past year.

YTMonster 3.0

Other than just reaching the milestone of 100,000 members - we also released the new client 3.0 in the year 2016, which is browser based instead of software based. We feel that this is possibly the best addition made to the site so far. The new client has made users feel more safe, seeing as there are now no false positive, and removed the updating and installing process that had to be done quite often.

With this new browser based client, we're now also able to widen our audience by a lot, since as we only supported users running a computer with the Windows OS installed before. Now any operating system can run the client, and everything now have the possibility of being delivered much faster.

Other than just a new client, the website design has gotten an overall update, that has made everything less cluttered. Some of the pages are still awaiting updates, before we can say the transition to the new website design was complete.

New Features

We're constantly working on new features for YTMonster that can improve the site and make the users get even more out of the site.

Recently we added the ability to limit actions per hour on your desired request, as well as giving you the ability to randomize the view lengths for your video views.

Memberships being re-introduced

The Paid Memberships are going to be re-introduced into our store soon. The new memberships will contain a lot more features than the old ones did, and will be even cheaper than before.

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